Ugly Kid Joe – Cats In The Cradle

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Music video by Ugly Kid Joe performing Cats In The Cradle with Matt Mahurin, Chris Sheffield, Patrick Sheffield (C) 1992 Universal Records, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

Very funny Cat Photos

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25 thoughts on “Ugly Kid Joe – Cats In The Cradle

  1. helrzr925

    Cat Adoption

    picture this: someone goes on to youtube and watch’s this, they then scroll down and see your immature dribble, and in their mind they automatically relate this song to what you wrote, therefore ruining the song.

    now that thats out of the way, stop trying to be a tough c#nt by ruining the song

  2. iam18nukka

    Talking Cat

    child abuse can be emotional or physical, granted this particular song isnt about child abuse, but there are many people who go through the situation about there parents not being around.

    Not only that, music is about interpretation, let the person interpret what they want without you being a complete fvcktard.

  3. progkidjoel

    funny Cat on Trampoline

    To inform you I don’t use Facebook or twitter

    And before you pull a lame joke about how you got me to reply again, understand I said probably, and I just couldn’t believe you didn’t pick up on that already.

    This time, I really won’t be replying.

  4. progkidjoel

    Nasty Cat attacks


    I don’t use Facebook or Twitter – and I’m 15…
    You basically sound like a total loser, and I don’t really care what you think.

    This is a very average version of a brilliant song.

    KummaZ, I probably won’t be replying next time…

  5. domisgone

    Cat and Catnip Mouse

    I listened to this band a lot when I was a kid. My dad loved this band :) I thought of him today and remembered this song and had to find out the band who made it!! It’s an awesome song!

  6. dsimonlaw

    Cat Trampoline

    Not a single thing in this song has anything to do with child abuse. It’s about the guilt you feel because you weren’t, or dont’ feel like you were, there when you’re kid was growing up. About how time is fleeting and people waste too much time on stupid **** like work instead of important things like Family. How you blink and your 4 year old is out of the house and gone. I dont’ even know how you get child abuse out of this. Aside from not actually bothering to listen to the lyrics.

  7. jmherek8991

    Funny Cat Bloopers

    This song is not about child abuse at all, this song was written as a tribute to those who are close with there dad’s and how that feels when you get older. Look I’m 27 and my Pops beat my *** when I was a kid and I deserved it but it wasn’t abuse then it was just the way things were and even tho I don’t have any of my own kids yet, I see my older brother who does treating his kids the same and we all turned out or are doing ok, tunes ment for thse close w/ dad, those who don’t know that, sorry


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