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Valerica ‘s rescue cats (part 1)

ROLDARO asked:

Valerica rescue from the streets dogs and cats with medical problems, in need of sheltering, TLC; she also rehabiliate animals very frightened and difficult to handle. Valerica’s life is rescue and rehoming animals. Please help with food for her dogs and cats, medicines, flea products, treats and vitamins. She is a lonely person, very determined to do more rescue – but she needs help to pass a severe crise in her life! She also needs people to adopt her animals so she can take in more needed souls! Please show your support TODAY! Thank you on behalf of Valerica’s dogs and cats!

Cat Mouse Toys for cats

Help Special Needs Kitties – Quality Collectibles and Gifts

MizMelzy asked:

Koshkonong Depot sells quality collectibles and gifts. Proceeds benefit special needs rescue cats in our care. We have taken in special needs rescue cats. These were cats that had special needs from kitten-hood. Special needs cats require regular veterinary care to keep them healthy, and special food. We do not get help from any government agency or any other group. We use our own money to rescue these cats and give them a forever home and much love! visit

Homemade Cat Liver Cookies Cat Treats

Big Beautiful Belle

Suzan4B asked:

Meet Beautiful Belle,every bit her name! She has a **”Feral ear clip” so apparently she must have been in a colony?(she hardly looks it!) When I first met her at the shelter,she was asking for petting but always pulled back,unsure of trusting human touch. Now she calls out for it and accepts gladly without barely pulling back! She has an application for adoption and it’s looking good. Oh so much girl to love~***could be a tear in her ear from a fight***

Cat Adoption


annalee1944 asked:

Our sweet kitties Kenya and Katie. Both are ‘rescue’ cats. Katie (the black and white one) was scheduled to be exterminated at the Animal Shelter at the time of her rescue. Kenya was dumped out of the window of a Ford 150 truck by some heartless person into the parking lot of a Walmart. Kenya survived on his own for months before finally being ‘caught’ by the cat rescue people. We got him from them. Kenya has been through a lot in his young life and because he had been so traumatized and ill treated by man, he is still a little skittish. He needs extra understanding and compassion. Katie was a little younger when she was saved right before death. She is not as fearful as Samson but she is still a cautious kitty until she gets to know you. We are so happy that we could have a part in saving these precious animals – they are blessings from God to us. Thank you to all the people out there that are involved in animal rescue. You have great hearts. May God bless you and provide for you as you are providing for these sweet animals.

Cat Flushing a toilet

Yakima Valley Pet Rescue

julieae2001 asked:

Yakima Valley Pet Rescue helps save the lives of hundreds of cats and dogs each year! Please help and attend their fundraiser Chili Cook-Off and Feed on Saturday, March 12, 2011. It’s from 4-8PM at the Yakima Armory. Cost is $10/person. Proceeds help YVPR and their rescue efforts. Visit them at and adopt or making a donation! They are a no-kill animal rescue that helps find Forever Homes for cats and dogs.

Amazing Cat that Could Predict Death

TTouch with a Paintbrush and LLama TTouch with rescue cats Nene and Mack

sarahsuricat asked:

This is a demo of TTouch done using a paintbrush and then transitioning to touching the cat directly with my hand, using the Llama TTouch, which is a very non-threatening touch as it uses the back of the hand. All of these are very light touches, moving the skin around in a circle and a quarter, not pushing into the muscle. This technique works well with shy cats and can gently help to get them used to being touched with your hand.

Funny Cat and Mouse

Mom cat, once homeless, finally brings her little family

maynardcat asked:

Sadie the once homeless mom cat came to me weeks ago desperate and hungry. I had seen her off an on in various parts of the area, but didn’t know she was homeless, and I thought she was a farrel cat, but she is actually very friendly and affectionate, but then again maybe desperation made her that way. She had the kittens hid about a half block away, and I believe they were in an abandoned garage. She was constantly hungry with kittens nursing and would make numerous trips back and forth during the day, which wasn’t safe to do. She finally decided it was time to entice her kittens to come to a safe place. This morning there she was on the back steps with her 4 tiny kittens, looking as if to say look what I brought you, won’t you please help them too. My vet set for 50.00 she would spay, neuter, and keep the kittens until they are adopted out to a good home. I would keep them, but I already have quite a few rescued kitties.

Should Cats get Christmas Gifts?

“Second Chances” (Owasso Feline Rescue) 2011

owassofelinerescue asked:

These are a few of the cats we have available for adoption as of January of 2011. We have two venues where we show our cats: Petco at 41st and Yale in Tulsa and PetSmart in Owasso (96th St. N. and Garnett). Please email [email protected] or call 918-688-1661 for more information about where a particular cat is residing (some are in foster care). All cats are neutered/spayed and up-to-date on shots. All are adorable and waiting for forever homes!

Expensive Californian Ashera Cat