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This Week’s Best Kitten Training Video

This Week’s Best Video How to Train your Cat is…

How to train your New Kitten to play gently (Video with Dr. Miller)

Kitten Training is a very important thing, to train your kitten to play gently, not to scratch you and to avoid biting you while playing too.

Therefore, I thought that you guys and girls might enjoy this Week’s Best Cat Training Video.

The only thing I don’t agree to in this video is that to train a kitten or cat, one should not just say Continue reading

Cat Remote Control Mouse for Cats Video

Watch Cat Scared of Remote Controlled Mouse for Cats – Funny video

Little Cute Kittens Video

Today’s video recommendation is about a funny video of a kittens scared and yet intreged by a remote controlled mouse for cats. I think that it’s very cute, how this little kitten chases around and around after the remote control cat mouse!

The music is pleasant and the video is really well done, so cuddos to the makers of this funny and nice little cat video!
Please remember to tell me what you think in the little box below…

Greetings, CatsCamille

Btw. here are some

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The Daily Funny Cat Video Recommendation

Watch Funny Pet and Cat Videos

CatCamille’s Daily Funny Cat Video Recommendation

Dear Animal Lovers!

Here’s my daily funny cats video recommendation. This cat video is really funny. It was viewed by over 23 million people.
So I thought I’d share it with you.

However, there is something that deeply disturbs me about it…

This video will probably make you laugh, just like it made me. Nevertheless, there are some scenes in this video I feel are cruel to

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