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Is it a Good Diet for Cats to Eat Fried Chicken and Table Scraps?

Are Table Scraps a Healthy Cat Food Diet?

Cats Eating Ice Cream with you!

Mommy, share your ice cream with me!

Table scraps are not a healthy cat food diet and are a major cause of digestive disorders in cats.
People give their pet dogs and cats all kinds of foods that are not good for them, forgetting they are animals, have different digestive systems than we do and do not brush teeth.

Then some are surprised their poor little kitty cat has the runs (Diarrhea) or constipation issues, and next, they suppose that pumping meds into their cats’ body will resolve the issue…

Remember, camouflaging the simptoms with meds is not treating the root cause of the problem.

The worst is giving your pet cats Continue reading

Should Cats Eat Raw Chicken and Uncooked Meat?

Is a Raw Food Diet Healthy for Cats and Kittens?

Cats love eating chicken and chicken necks - click to see large image

Cats love eating chicken and chicken necks - click to see large image

Most cats love eating natural cat food such as raw chicken and other raw meats. Chicken, meat and fish is a Cats’  favorite and healthy food.

In nature, cats would hunt birds and eat them up – uncooked, naturally!

Some cat owners don’t like looking at raw food and feel disgusted by giving bloody meat to their cats.

Cats however love it. Eating raw meat such as [chicken cat food->], turkey, beef, rabbit etc and of course the all-addicting raw fish meat is the natural healthy diet cat food.

Cats love drinking fresh blood, so don’t feel horrified if your kitten or kitty cat wants to drink blood from meat or chicken.

Look, when cats run around outdoors they hunt small snakes in the garden, bugs, flying things… When cats climb trees they catch lizards, birds and eat up raw eggs. Cats love raw eggs and raw meat foods.

You might see your cat looking so ravenous with the raw chicken, turkey or other meat or fish you give it… Then you know they are happy and were starved for natural raw cat food.

We might not like them eating such stuff, but it is their natural healthy cat food diet.

Raw Chicken Cat Food Vs. Cooked Chicken for Cats

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Raw Food for Cats – Dangers of Commercial Cat Foods

Raw Food Diet for Indoor/ Outdoor House Cats

Why Give Your Kitten or Cat a Raw Diet Cat Food

Some folks swear by dry cat food for cats. They might have 19 YO cat living solely on dry cat food diet and their cat seem quite fine.

They say dry cat food is the most balanced, fiber and nutrition rich. And of course, it is easier and less hassles, especially when one travels a lot away from home or is gone for long hours every day.

The quality of commercial cat food, however, depends upon the brand of dry or even wet cat foods you buy for your cat.

As a rule, RAW cat food is VERY GOOD for cats. It is their natural food.
Do you suppose they have a kitchen and pots in nature?

The younger you start cats on raw food diet, the better…

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Best Homemade Cat Recipes 303

Does your Cat Want a Change of Taste in Cat Foods?

Best Delicious Homemade Cat Food Recipe

Cats can be very fussy eaters, and therefore prefer to have warm home made cat food, just like for a child. Sometimes we can’t help but give our dear cat a special cat treat that is home made and healthy. Especially on a cats birthday, you should spoil your cat and give her a lovely Homemade Chicken Cat Food for lucky, healthy and satisfied Cats!

How to Make Chicken And Frys for Cats:

Cat Food Recipe Ingredients:

  • 2 packages ground chicken or turkey.
  • 2-3 small carrots must be cooked.
  • 2-3 cups macaroni must Continue reading

Chicken Soup Homemade Cat Food Recipe for Cats

Chicken Soup is Not Only For Humans, But Also your Dear Cat Can Now Enjoy Homemade Cat Chicken Soup!

Homemade Chicken Soup for Cats Recipe  now revealed!

How to make homemade Cat Chicken soup? Is it possible that now our hairy friends can also enjoy the healthy virtues of Chicken soup?
The answer is Yes! Although I personally think that if I’d have to make bloody Cat Chicken Soup for my Dear Cats, I’d puke.

However, some of you strong hearted woman will I think manage it even with the blood…
If you can’t manage to cook this Cat Chicken Soup, then ask your husband to do it for you.

In the case that your husband is diseased or not present, bring your kids over to cook this Homemade Chicken Soup for your Cat.  Have Strength my Ladies! I hope you will withstand this Battle of the Chicken soup for cats and come out shining and proud. Continue reading

Homemade Cat Food Recipies

Is Your Cat Fed up With the Boring Canned Cat Food It Eats?

Free Homemade Cat Food Recipe For Your Cats!

Sardine And Chicken Homemade Cat Food recipe:

Sardine & chicken cat Food:

Cat Food Recipe Ingredients:

  • can sardines in olive oil
  • Why California Natural Cat food for Cats?

    What is California Natural Cat Food for Cats?

    Why Is California Natural Cat Food So Healthy for Cats and Dogs?

    california natural cat food!

    California natural cat food!

    Many people seem to think that California Natural cat food is the healthiest cat food that there is.

    I have asked myself why is California natural cat food so special?

    And so this is what I have found out about California natural cat food for cats.

    California Natural Dry Cat Food has only the healthiest, purest and simplest ingredients that are available any where online for your special cat. California Natural Cat Food has balanced ingredients like herring oil and sunflower oil which have the health supplements Omega 6 and 3 fatty acids which make your cat a shiny coat and healthy skin.

    California Natural Cat Food is created with lean meats, essential vitamins and minerals, full meats and tasty extras.

    California Natural Dry Cat Food combines wholesome and healthful ingredients to provide the perfect Continue reading

    Wet Cat Food for Kittens and Cats or Dry Cat Food?

    Which Cat Food is Healthier for My Kitten?

    Feeding Cats Wet Cat Food Vs. Dry Cat Food

    Wet cat food for cats or dry cat food?

    Wet cat food for cats or dry cat food?

    A few days ago, I got a question from one of my readers concerning if one should give a six month old kitten dry cat food or wet

    cat food. She asked if she should feed her new six month old kitten  solely on a tin of  wet cat food or a tin of dry cat food?

    This is my answer:
    Feed your kitten a mixed diet of dry cat food and wet cat food. If a cat only eats Continue reading