Scat Cat Litter Odor With Feline Pine Cat Litter

Ned D’Agostino says:

Pet cats are house-trained to use a litter box when they are unable to go outdoors to relieve themselves. The litter box is bedded with a material to catch the cat’s urine and feces. This is called cat litter in short. The cat litter in general use is very much like clay and is called clumping. Cats get used to this very easily and quickly because that’s their natural habit. There is one drawback in the use of litter boxes and traditional clumping – the odor from the litter box is nauseating! Till the owner removes the cat litter, the odor just won’t go away. But help is at hand in the form of pine cat litter. This litter is made up of pine pellets which absorb moisture and trap the cat’s solid waste. The natural odor of pine is very refreshing and it masks that of the cat’s droppings.

The shelf price of this new variety of cat litter is twice that of traditional varieties of cat litter. But the new product proves to be cost effective since it absorbs twice the amount of moisture compared to the ordinary variety. So there is really no increase in your monthly expenditure on this account.

The acceptance of pine cat litter is still an issue, not by the owners but by the cat itself. Cats are reluctant to use the pine cat litter because the ‘feel’ is unnatural. The pellets tend to be a little rough on the cat’s paws. The cat’s acceptance or rejection of pine cat litter will be the sole deciding factor in the success of pine cat litter in the market.

My suggestion is to introduce the pine cat litter in a gradual fashion. Mix a little pine cat litter with the normal stuff. Let the cat use it and get used to the mix. It may take a day or two for the cat to get comfortable with the mix. Then increase the dose of pine litter and reduce the amount of the ordinary litter. Let the cat get used to the increasing amounts of pine cat litter gradually. Finally, you will have a 100% pine cat litter in the litter box, and 100% freedom from that very strong odor! That is if your cat decides to play ball and adjust to pine litter. If your cat resists, and even refuses to visit the litter box, then it’s back to the good old clumping and the bad old smell!

If the odor from the cat’s litter is driving you round the bend, and you’ve made up your mind to use pine cat litter, then do what many other owners are doing. Fill the litter box with pine cat litter, and then put down a surface layer of your cat’s favorite litter. This way, your cat is satisfied and so are you!

Hardly have we worked our way around problem #1, than problem #2 crops up. It appears that pine fragrance is not very popular with cats. Now that’s something that we can’t do anything about. After all you’re using pine cat litter solely for its fragrance, and there’s your cat wrinkling up its nose at the very idea! That apart, pine cat litter is completely safe for your cat. All toxic substances have been removed from the cat litter.

Pine cat litter can be composted and used as garden manure. The solid waste must be removed before composting the litter. So pine cat litter can claim to be environment-aware and environment-friendly.

Whether pine cat litter makes its way into your house on a permanent basis depends entirely on your cat! If your cat converts to pine then you’re home free, to a home free from that awful stench! On the other hand, if your cat gives pine cat litter a paws down, then you’ll just have to grin and bear it!

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