Tips for Cat Scratching Furniture and Cat Trees

Is Your Cat Scratching Up all your nice Furniture?

Tips before you Buy a Cat Scratching Tree Or Cat Furniture!

Cat Scratching Tree Silver Plush
Cat Scratching Tree Silver Plush

If you are going through with your cat, even just half of what we went through with the cat scratching problem, then i feal very sorry for you.

We almost gave our Cats away.

They scratched up our furniture so badly, that after trying every other technic we could think off, my mother went nuts and told me if I couldn’t think of a way to stop cat scratching furniture, our cats would be out!
What a horrible thought! I imediatly started thinking of ways how to stop the cats scratching our furniture. But nothing helped. Our Cats still scratched our funiture and it only got worse.

At least until one of us finally had the great idea to get our cats some of their own Cat Scratching furniture.
Hopefully we would train our cats to use the scratching tree and they would stop scratching our furniture!

Well, we got our cats the scratching tree for cats and I have not much to say after that for they certainly left our furniture alone.
A bit of training and guiding them to scratch the cat tree and our furniture (and cats) where saved!

What Cat Scratching Tree is the Right one for my Cat?

Brown Cat Scratching Trees
Brown Cat Scratching Trees

That depends on your cats size, climbing skills and age.

For younger cats, I would certainly advise you to buy a small cat scratching tree, since young cats (kittens especially) are often very jumpy and careless. Therefore, your cat might get carried away in a game on the cat climbing tree and suddenly fall of it onto the floor and get hurt.

Although cats almost always land on their feet, there still is a chance that your kitten might fall of the cat scratching tree and land on it’s back and get injoured.
This has once happend to our cat Mio, but since the cat condo was a low one, he luckely got up again and climbed back onto the tree.

For Cats with better climbing skills a tall cat tree is a nice challenge for them.
A good excersise for cats is climbing trees and therefore climbing up tall cat trees strengthens your cat muscles and arms.

Large Cat Condo Scratching Tree here for sale!
Large Cat Condo

What size Cat Tree is Right for 2 or more Cats?

A large Cat Scratching Tree is good for 2 or more cats since it has enough space for all of them to sit on.  In my opinion, a good cat condo tree for 2 or more cats would be a wide cat tree with many ledges and corners for the cats to sitt on.
Also, wide ledges are preffered, since some cats like sitting together on a ledge or like to sleep near eachother.

Sometimes large cat condos or tall cat scratching trees are also good for many cats since the cats can then climb around on it and then leap down on you from above. :lol:

Cat Scratching Furniture for Indoor Cats?

What size Scratching Furniture would be recommendable for indoor only cats?

I would say, like the above, lots of room to scratch; therefore a large cat scratching tree.
Even better, i would recommend for indoor only cats a very Tall cat scratching tree, since they cats can then climb on their tree and excersise themselves, like in nature..

Go here for a huge variety of cat scratching trees, cat condos and cat scratch posts.

How to Stop Scratching Cats Problem

The 7 Effective Methods to Stop Cats from Scratching Up Your Furniture

Cats can sometimes have bad behavior problems, such as scratching up furniture.
In this post we’ll be discussing the 3 popular methods many people use to try and train cats to stop scratching and my 7 humane tips on how to successfully stop cats scratching up your nice furniture.

Stop Cats from Scratching – The 3 Most Common Evil Methods

  1. The harsh-hand methods to stop scratching cats
  2. The shouting method for stopping scratching cats
  3. The nail declawing method to stop cats from scratching furniture

Violence in hand or voice is

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