Instagram Celebrities are Raving about Psychic Katie’s Furbaby Past Life Paintings

Katie is a Clairvoyant and Psychic who has the unique ability to see past lives.
Katie connects with the souls of cats and dogs, and then paints who they were in their former lives.

“I always knew my furbaby was a little girl! She has such a human personality!” One cat owner said when he received her past life painting.

Cat Past Life Painting by Psychic Artist Katie

Katie’s paintings make for beautiful wall art.
She paints dreamy, naive, angelic children. Katie has a beautiful vintage style. She masterfully paints the features and expressions of different characters and personalities. Each of her paintings is as unique as the person it portrays.

Many people who see her paintings think they are collector’s items and vintage paintings.

After one of her paintings went viral, Instagram influencers noticed her and started sharing her work and ordering past life paintings for their pets.

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