Updated Yu-Gi-Oh Trade Binder *July 11, 2011*

BlahBlahCardsBlah asked:

Trade me Dark Magician Girls!!!! If you do, you’ll get a shout out! Wants for my decks: x1 Gorz the Emissary of Darkness x2 Caius the Shadow Monarch (common) x2 Deep Sea Diva x3 Zoa (secret) x1 Burial From a Different Dimension x1 Call of the Haunted (common) x2 Dimensional Prison (common) x3 Test Tiger x1 Elemental Hero Prisma (common or super) x1 Monster Reborn (common or rare) x2 Dimensional Prison (common) x1 Trap Stun (common) x3 Mirror Force (common) x3 Solemn Judgment (common or rare) x2 Royal Decree (common) x3 Stealth Bird (common) x1 Solar Flare Dragon (common) x2 Des Koala (common) x1 Ookazi (common) x2 Wave Motion Cannon (common) x2 Mine Golem (common) x1 Fissure (common) x2 Secret Barrel (common) x1 Lighting Vortex (common) x2 Mystical Space Typhoon (common) x1 Magic Cylinder (common) x1 Spirit Reaper (common) x1 Kisitai (common) x1 Book of Moon (common) x1 Bottomless Trap Hole (common) PM me for any further details on the two binder for trade. I only trade for my wants (which are on my channel). If you want to trade, please send me a private message with a specific offer, and if you have any questions on cards you can’t really see (or the name, rarity, condition, etc.) then please leave your question in the comment section below! If you throw in free Rescue Cats in our trade, you’ll get a shout out. :) Thanks for watching this boring video!!! :D

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