Stray Cats – Rock This Town (Live from Fridays 1981)

SiwRo asked:

The Cats on the old tv show Fridays 1981.

Evil Cat

25 thoughts on “Stray Cats – Rock This Town (Live from Fridays 1981)

  1. Eberhard1507

    Talking Cat

    i remember theese guys, when i was in london 1981.
    they pleyed in the legendary club marquee
    i was there with 2 punks from vienna.
    i have forgotten the name of the foregroup, i only remember, one of them came out of a cuffin, wrapped in toilet paper like a mumy and had a transparent on which stood
    ” i want to be tombed not bombed!

  2. anippygirl

    Tom and Jerry

    Well, if this tune does’nt get ya movin…then yer not livin….LOL!! Wooooooooooooohooooooooooooooo….Rip this place apart!!!! 5***** post!


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