Raw Food for Cats – Dangers of Commercial Cat Foods

Raw Food Diet for Indoor/ Outdoor House Cats

Why Give Your Kitten or Cat a Raw Diet Cat Food

Some folks swear by dry cat food for cats. They might have 19 YO cat living solely on dry cat food diet and their cat seem quite fine.

They say dry cat food is the most balanced, fiber and nutrition rich. And of course, it is easier and less hassles, especially when one travels a lot away from home or is gone for long hours every day.

The quality of commercial cat food, however, depends upon the brand of dry or even wet cat foods you buy for your cat.

As a rule, RAW cat food is VERY GOOD for cats. It is their natural food.
Do you suppose they have a kitchen and pots in nature?

The younger you start cats on raw food diet, the better…

Dangers of Commercial Pet Cat Foods

It’s SCARY to think of what goes into most commercial pet cat foods.
Most commercial cat foods are mainly composed of grain and animal by-products which are too nasty for human consumption.

Your cute kitty cats are actually carnivores. Grains are not the food for carnivores… and meat by products from farm animals, which are raised in big factory-like farms, and which are pumped with hormones and other nasty unnatural feed, is not the best for humans nor for our kittens and cats to eat.

By-products, which are are used in commercial pet cat and dog foods, is meat that gets chemically treated to prevent it from going off. Hence the terrible long lasting stench from dry cat food and dry dog food.

IMPORTANT: [Read this warning from Dr. Mercola about latest pet food poison scandal -> pet-cat-food-fluoride-poison-warning]

Some commercial pet cat foods are worse than others. We saw, for example, half starved Dominican street dogs eating rotten meat, but avoiding like a plague the local brand of dry cat food we once tried out…

Did You Know:

  • Raw pet cat food is the BEST for Natural Tooth Cleaning – Giving your cat or kitten raw food is a good way to make sure your cat doesn’t end up with dental problems. Eating raw food aids natural tooth cleaning for your cat. Raw food whitens cat teeth and freshens breath!
  • Raw food for cats does miracles for the angry cat type
  • Feeding cats raw food is great for a healthy looking cat coat.

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