Pet Hair Donations! Please Help The Planet!

Please Collect Your Dogs & Cats Hair When Cutting it!

Hi Cat Lovers,

Today i found out something really nice. It’s how you can help save the enviorment by donating your dog’s or cat’s cut hair!

Now listen.

Last year over 2,600 oil spills occurred in the world. Phil McCrory, a hair stylist form Alabahma, first discovered how hair can help agains oil spills.

He was watching CNN coverage on the 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill.
Phil noticed the fur on the Alaskan otters completely soaked with oil.

He began testing how much oil he could collect with the hair clipping from his salon.
Phil then invented the hairmat which has other uses as well.

Hair also provides a slow protein release which is excellent for flower growers.
You can read more about this on his site.

The US has over 300,000 hair salons and each cuts an average of a pound of hair per day. These hair salons donate the hair to phil, who uses it to help against oil spills.

How Can YOU Help the Enviroment?

Whenever you cut your cat or dogs’ hair, simply package the hair up in a little plastic bag and send it to phil’s warehouse. It’s totally free and phil will do the rest. All he needs is more hair! You can do the same when you cut your own hair. Dog hair, cat hair or human hair all helps!

So if you want to do a little bit for the enviorment, then help phil by sending in some of your dog’s, cat’s or your own cut hair!

Click on this link to go and read more about pet hair donations>>

Thank you for reading this!

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