One of my cats ran away for two days, what precautions should I take?

One of my cats ran away for two days, what precautions should I take?
Ashley Z asked:

I have two cats. One is a male, 2 1/2 years old and neutered. The other is a 1 year old female that is not spayed. The one year old got out the other day and was gone until late tonight. When she left, she was in heat. She does not have any cuts or wounds, nor does she have fleas or ticks. However, I have kept her away from our other cat for fear of transmitted diseases. I am planning on taking her to the vet tomorrow morning, but how long will it take for any tests to come back for things like FIV and FeLV? I am sure my two cats want to see each other again. Am I being too paranoid? Does anyone know how expensive it is to get a cat tested for various things?
I am not worried that she is pregnant, I can deal with that.

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5 thoughts on “One of my cats ran away for two days, what precautions should I take?

  1. wlfbelcher

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    the only thing you need to worry about with your cat if she is acting normal is that she might be pregnant now. my cats go in and out and have never gotten sick from it. you did say she was in heat so you will probably have kittens in the next couple of months. just make sure her shots are up to date that is all you can do for now

  2. jgmafb

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    Honey,I am a retired vet.You are being PARANOID!!She might end up preg.but if so,let her have them, then get her fixed.As far as expensive?YES most vets charge way TO MUCH.I really don’t see any reason for taking her to one yet though.

  3. Canadian Girl

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    I think you should also be worried that your cat may have become impregnated while she was gone.

    It is always better to have your cats spayed or neutered for so that you’re not contributing to the pet population (I sound like Bob Barker). Also, there are a lot of health reasons for it as well.

    I wouldn’t be too worried about diseases unless your cat has any visible abrasions or is acting strange. Call your vet, and see what they think. They will know if certain diseases are common in your area or not, and thus, whether or not you should be worried about them.

    As a precaution against losing your cat again, I would recommend getting them both microchipped, put tags on their collars, get preventative medications for fleas, ticks, rabies, etc., and put a loud annoying bell on their collars. It’s much easier to catch them when you can hear them.

    Good luck. Don’t worry too much. I’m sure your cat is fine.

  4. tikitiki

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    I doubt any of those diseases would show up on a test this soon. Not sure what the incubation period is, best to ask the vet that. Probably need to get her wormed, and to be on the safe side, I’d use a flea product as well.


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