Mean Siamese Cat Song vs. Dog Song from Movie

This is my favorite old Movie! The Cat Song is adorable!

Mean Siamese Sisters Sing a Cat Song.

Tuesday’s video recommendation is a Cat Song sung by two mean siamese sisters from an old, lovely movie.

Can you guess from which movie this siamese cat song clip is coming from?

“L…and Tr…”

Tell us!

This is a lovely, but unfair part of the movie, when the nannies siamese cats come to destroy the house and put the blame on the doggie Lady.

Later, Lady is turned out and given to the Animal Control.

However, Lady manages to escape the horrible animal control and run away with her beloved dog boyfriend!

Watch this siamese cat song here:

Watch the beautiful animation of the “Tramp”, Ladies gorgoes boyfriend and Listen to the lovely Dog Song about the Tramp.

Oh, how lovely that is isn’t it? The old fashion movies. ah, sigh…

What do you think about it?

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