Lost Cat United with Owner again after 8 Months!

Lost Cat United with his owner after 8 Months!!!

Charles the Lost Cat

Charles the Lost Cat

Charles, a cat from new Mexico ran away some eight months ago while in care of a babysitter.

His owner, Alex has been searching for him for MONTHS but without any result. Then one day, Charles somehow turned up 1,300 miles away in Chicago!

The cat had been  picked up as a stray by Windy City animal control workers.

Luckily, a tracking microchip had been emebedded in Charles’ shoulder blades which enabled workers to track his owner Alex down and prevent them from putting Charles to sleep.

They called Alex up and told him that they had found his cat.

However, Alex was at that time volunteering for the Habitat for Humanity in New Orleans and was terribly upset as there was nothing he could do about getting Charles.

Then the stunned cat lover enjoyed the further good fortune of having an Albuquerque resident – and fellow cat owner – volunteer to pick up Charles while in Chicago for a wedding.

Lucien Sims, who also owns a tabby, got an Albuquerque company to provide a cat carrier and American Airlines waived Charles’ travel fees.

“He needs a good brushing,” said Cherie Travis, executive director of Chicago Animal Care and Control.

“He’s got a little bit of a cold – a little bit of an upper respiratory infection – but otherwise he’s in great condition.”

3 hours later, both can and owner where united in a loving happy end hug!

Alex still cannot believe his good fortune at having his cat back and I am sure that Charles is ever so happy too to be back with his loving owner after all he has been through!

Let’s hope that he doesn’t run away too soon again and enjoyes a happy, long and healthy life!

What a lovely happy-end cat story! Don’t you think so?

Comment below and tell me what you think about it.

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4 thoughts on “Lost Cat United with Owner again after 8 Months!

  1. Joy D Rayle

    What a pawsome story! Animal lovers do unite and help one another in ways that warm the heart so. I once had my Claudie take a 10 day vacation. His idea of course. I had left two days later for a trip across country and was devistated to think he was helplessly out “there” on his own. He had always been an indoor cat and I was so concerned as he was declawed and had NEVER been outside alone. I expected he fed a fox or a dog and that all I had was memories. I was calling home every day at least twice to see if he was back. Alas, there was no good news. On the 10th day, our son was coming home from work at 3:00 a.m. and he saw a cat dart across the road and he stopped his car and called “Claudie”. Here comes Claudie, sauntering up to Mike as if it were the normal thing to do. Mike scooped him up, drove the 300 yards home and brought the Claudster in the house and immediately called cross country to give the good news. When I got home a week later, Claudie was acting as if I DESERTED HIM, he had put weight on and was obviously none the worse for wear. Fact remains, I was devistated, heartsick and scared to death for his well being. I hurt for they who lose their fur babies and am as happy as they are when the story turns out so well as in the above case. I especially love when mankind pulls together to bring it all about. God Bless you all in your efforts and participation. Now if world leaders could take a page from their book and realize you need not know the person to accept help, nor to make the effort in times of need.

    1. CatsCamille

      @Joy D Rayle: Oh Joy! What a lovely cat story!! Thank you for sharing your sweet and wonderful story with us! I’m so glad that you found your kitty again and understand how terrible you felt! Poor you, that must have been DREADFUL to think that he might have gotten hurt or eaten. <:(
      Glad you are together and hope you never have to part again!
      Lots of love,

  2. Carol Halbert

    Yes, this was a very happy cat tail if I ever heard one. Charles really made a name for himself as well, his story was published more than once all over the United States of America. Go Charles!!!

  3. jmuhj

    Thank God everything came together for this to be a happy outcome! We are getting people all over involved on databases so that when someone is lost like this, many people are watching out for them and it will be easier to reunite family members. Keep up the great work, everyone!


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