How to Get Rid of Fleas And Ticks On Kittens

"What a nasty tick."

Does Your Kitten Have Fleas or Ticks? Get Rid of Fleas & Ticks!

If  your kitten is scratching and covered in fleas and ticks, then listen well.

Fleas spread quickly and if you aren’t quick in killing the fleas and ticks, then you will soon end up with a whole flea and tick infestation!

And you really don’t want that, i can tell you….

I have heard from our vet, about the horrors of a house covered in ticks! The walls where BLACK with blood sucking ticks! And all because they hadn’t gotten rid of the fleas and ticks on time…

So watch out that you kill fleas and ticks on your kitten and that you avoid getting a tick infestation like that one.

Here are the best 12 ways to get rid of fleas and ticks on kittens and cats.

  1. Quarantine your Cat/Kitten to One Room. If you have just discovered that your kitten has  fleas and ticks, then keep your kitten (and it’s fleas!) to one room.
  2. This must be done to avoid your kittens fleas or ticks spreading into the rest of the house.
    After all, once you finally get rid of fleas and ticks from one room, you don’t want them to come in again as soon as you let your kitten in! Otherwise,  the flea and tick infestation will never end.

    However, don’t worry, as soon as you kill the fleas and ticks on your kitten, you’ll be able to cuddle your kitten in your bed again!

  3. Get your Cat or kitten a natural  flea and tick control. Killing the fleas on your cat is highly important! Otherwise, you’ll be fighting fleas and ticks for the rest of your life, since every time you finally, and after a lot of trouble, get rid of the fleas and ticks in your home, your cat comes along again and brings you new ones!Natural flea remedies for kittens are better than commercial flea controls, because natural flea sprays or powders, have less or no side affects that might potentially affect your kittens health.
  4. Water kills ticks and drowns fleas, so you should try to bathe your cat. Be very careful, some cats and kittens hate being washed and you may encounter difficulties while doing so. Therefore, I recommend you to check out our post on [How to bathe your cat in a fun way.->]
  5. Vacuum your whole house and furniture to get rid of any fleas and ticks from your kitten, that might be hiding on the floors or furniture. Fleas and Ticks mostly like to hide in furniture and carpets and on cats and dogs.
  6. Use a Flea and Tick Spray- it is advisable to use flea & tick repellant to kill fleas in your house.
    A good flea and tick spray will get rid of any hiding fleas and ticks.
  7. Natural flea and tick control work sometimes just as good as commercial flea killers do. If you are environmently aware or do not like to use pesticides, you might consider using a natural flea and tick control sprays.
  8. Make sure to clean and spray your bedroom and other rooms very well. All wardrobes must be thoroughly washed and checked. If the flea and/or tick infestation is bad you might need to flea-bomb your home.
  9. Clean carpets from fleas and ticks. Fleas may be hiding in or under the rugs and mats. If you have any rugs or carpets, then shake all of them outside, and vacuum them as well. Treat them with an anti-flea shampoo or a flea treatment for carpet solution.
  10. Rinse and disinfect all your clothes long and well, lest any fleas or ticks be hiding inside of them as often is the case. You may also want to spray your clothes incase the cat’s fleas have planted their flea larvae inside of them.
  11. If you have children, then wash any of their teddies and toys and place (once dried) in an air-tight bag for at least 1 to 2 weeks.
  12. Take a shower! Water usually kills ticks as well as fleas, so you should wash yourself after dealing with them. Just in case a tick is hiding somewhere unpleasant on you!
  13. Repeat steps 1-5 after a couple of days.

If you use a commercial flea and tick control or flea sprays, flea powders, then make sure to ventilate your home properly and not breath in the poison or get it into your food.
It is  recommended to leave the house for a few days, (or at least one day) and air out your apartment properly.

Close food containers and once done, clean out surfaces you use for eating or preparing meals from potential flea killer residue.

Before you go into full blast with commercial, (sometimes dangerous) flea sprays and flea bombs, try some natural flea sprays and flea controls.

Hopefully this helps you get rid of fleas and ticks from your kitten and home!


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