How many cats before you are the “cat lady”?

How many cats before you are the "cat lady"?
sunshine_today asked:

When are you that wierdo, the cat lady? Do the cats have to be in your house to qualify, or is living in the yard enough to make you the cat lady? How many cats make you the cat lady? What makes people cross that line from normal pet ownership into being the cat lady?

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36 thoughts on “How many cats before you are the “cat lady”?

  1. mruniverse16

    Treatment For Fleas

    Well it don’t matter where the cats are long as they are around your house and you would have to have 10+ cats to be considered cat lady. There was a story on a lady who was obsessed with cats and hand about 250 cats total!

  2. para k

    1-800-PetMeds Chalkboard/392x72.gif

    3 cats makes u the cat lady but they must stay in your house on your bed! eat from your plate and u must love them to bits!

  3. NinaD

    Cat Attacks

    Once you live by yourself and have more than 3 cats that are either in your house or frequent your house regularly (and you’ve named them). The line is crossed when the normal pet person talks more to felines than to humans. And it only gets worse when the pet person feels the cats understand her better than people.

  4. Rebecca

    Cat Toys

    I think when they start living in your walls and you have to make a path through their discarded cat food cans, you can seriously be considered a crazy cat lady. But I can’t wait to be one!

  5. Katrinavegas

    Fleas Cats

    I think a 2 cat household is about normal, the company factor. But I think anything 3 and over, especially if you live alone would tag you as a “CAT LADY”. 6+ qualifies you for Dr. Phil, =:)

  6. momma Mia

    Cat Gifts

    LOL Well I would have to day the catss should be in doors but if they stay in the yard that might qualify and 8-10 cats is probably enough to make you a cat lady. I don’t know what crosses the line. I guess if all you have is your cats meaning like no friends and family and you talk to them all the time like thy are human, plaus the fact that you have like 50 of them would make a weird cat lay. that’s just what i think though.

  7. paintandhardware

    Cat Attacks

    That is my nickname at work. I have 5 indoor/outdoor and let me count, Patches, Sweetie, Callie, momma kitty, and 3-4 more strays that I haven’t named as yet that are outside. 3 people at work are trying to give me a cat/kitten a piece. I have to draw the line somewhere!! So that makes 12-13! How many do you have?

  8. sugarbdp1

    Grooming Cat

    A friend of mine has 10 cats of her own & feeds about 20 strays so I guess that makes her a cat lady plus everything in her house is cats lol every where U look no joke her towels nick nacks her phone is a cat & even meows lol..All her bed linens.Her tea kettle omg the list goes on & on

  9. rblankenship_rblankenship

    Mouse with Parasite

    i now a lady who runs a cat rescue and has 98! they are very well cared for, all fixed and have shots and her house is very clean! it takes her about 3 hrs to mop, clean litter boxes, ect.!!she is a cat lady!! she pays for all their expenses out of her pocket!! she is a very dedicated and loving lady!! some cat Lady’s are not bad!!!!! she also runs a spay and neuter program!!!

  10. ihave5katz

    Frontline Cheap

    Five to ten to be the Kat Lady, any more than that, you become a hoarder. I’m not a weirdo, but definately the town Kat Lady… hoarding is a form of mental illness that I’ve not crossed over into… yet.

  11. The man in the box...

    Cute Kittens Bloopers

    Depends on several factors:

    1. Do you have room for lots of cats? A 20-room mansion wouldn’t be strange with 8 cats. However, 1-bedroom apartment with 8 cats would be a zoo!

    2. Can you afford to buy food, vet care, litter, etc for many cats? If you’re a millionaire you can have just about any type or number of animals you want. However, if you are the lady using your welfare check to buy cat food for 13 cats, we have a problem.

    3. Does your city allow you to keep many animals? Some cities do. Others don’t. The lady who ignores city code to keep a menagerie of cats is probably a “cat lady”.

    4. Do you have a life? If you have friends, family, hobbies, etc besides the cats, OK. However, if you are the lady that lives alone, has no friends, no hobbies, never leaves the house, never talks to the neighbors…in other words, has NOTHING in life but your cats…just holed up inside with your army of cats, then I think you qualify.

    As a general rule of thumb, I’d say more than 5 or 6 is getting a little weird.

  12. MeRmAiD

    Frontline Tick

    LOL, this one is really a matter of opinion. Here is mine…

    .It doesnt have to cats, it can be dogs or assorted animals.I would say the cats or whatever have to be in your house to fully quailify. I say the minimum number is 5 along with other criteria.

    Now for the other requirements:
    1 Seldom leaves the house
    2. Not very nice to people in general, few friends
    3. Allows animals to annoy neighbors
    4. Usually lives alone with animals.
    5. House and yard are usually messy.
    6. Drives a car at least 12 years old, due all their money spent on animals.
    7.Frequent complaints from neighbors about noise, odors, or animals going potty in neighbors yard.
    8. No one knows the person’s name, they are just referred to as The Animal Lady
    9. Health Dept has visited the house
    10. Usually uneducated
    You have to meet at least 5 of these to be considered for the title, along with a minimum of 5 animals.

  13. J B W

    Flea Control For Cats

    Your only allowed 3, then you need a breeders permit.
    The guy across the street has around 40, maybe more.
    He’s just a really lonely guy. He loves cats.
    Problem is most of these guys get over whelmed
    and can’t take care of so many.
    Probably doesn’t have the money to get them fixed either.
    Everyone in the neighborhood has called the SPCA,
    but there’s not too much that can be done.
    He says they are just strays and he is just feeding them.
    Poor old Guy.
    Poor little kitties….
    The SPCA catches a few now and again,
    but the babies keep coming.

  14. cheeseluver0222

    Homemade Pet Food

    When are you the cat lady is when you love cats so much that the cats start to control your life… No I don’t think the cats have to live in your house to qualify… Living in your yard more then qualify… It all depends on how you treat the cats it can be as few as 1 but as meny as 25… I think what makes people cross that line is when they start treating the cat as a god…

  15. peaceandharmonyandmercy

    Cat Fleas

    Great question!!!
    My husband and I have five, all in the house, all the time. Are we crazy yet?
    Why do we never hear the the crazy cat gentleman? Or family?

  16. jane c

    Flea Sprays

    Hahhaa…I called it the “CAT KINGDOM”, when my immediate supervisor has about 8 cats in his home. His excuse was that his wife is a Vet and she would bring home the kitty when their are too sick to be kept in the clinic or that no one want them after being brought to their clinic. Luckily they all love cats. I think that is great that they have so many cats.

  17. LeapingLizard

    Tom and Jerry

    Well I think it depends on the neighborhood. I am considered the cat lady in my neighborhood because I feed the strays during the winter months. I admit I do have a bunch of cats in my house too. I have 5 and my husband has 1. We go through lots of kitty litter but we have no children of our own so these are our surrogate children sort of. We love them and enjoy watching them play with each other and with their toys. So I guess if having 6 cats indoors and a bunch of strays hanging around outside waiting for some food and water in the winter counts I’m the weirdo in many people’s eyes.So be it.

  18. Robin W

    What Cats Love to Eat

    Well I rescued a stray mother cat, who at the time didn’t know she had kittens in my back yard, I had all four of them fix but know one could take even one, not even animal recuse could do anything, they told me if they took em they would put them to sleep because there wasn’t any room for anymore cats, so I decided to have a heart and keep them.

  19. Jamie B

    Pet Supplies For Cat

    I think it’s ok to have any number of cats and/or other pets as long as you are able to properly care for them and yourself. If it gets to a point where most, or all, of your pets are sick, underfed, etc., and your house is a mess and smells like urine/feces, then you definitely need help.

  20. RuneAmok

    Flea Control Product

    Ha! This is funny. I asked a very similiar question a while back. I think I’m destined to be that scary cat lady who lives down the street. The one everyone thinks is a witch, and on halloween, kids peek in the windows, hoping to find her stirring her cauldron.

    I think cats in the yard would do it – they don’t have to be in the house. I think 3 would mark the beginning of old-cat-ladyitis.


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