How do I keep cats from wrecking the house?

jessereczek asked:

I have two cats. One cat likes to pull out the foam from the air conditioner and chew it up. The other cat likes to jump on furniture and counter tops. What can I do to keep these cats from doing this?

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    there is a spray that would kepp them off the furniture.. you can also yell at them to get out off of the counter and then give them a treat when they do so then they will want more treats so they will stop.. you can also spray them with a water bottle when they are doing something wtrong

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    Squirt bottle! Squirt bottles work wonders! However, you have to be around to squirt them. They sell these mats on Drs Foster and Smith ( that you lay on top of your counters and furnature that are very uncomfortable for the cat to walk on that may help with the jumping on places. As for the foam from the air conditioner, use a squirt gun. Every time your cat does it, squirt him or her! It works unless your cat enjoys water. In that case use a rolled up newspaper. Also, your cats are probably bored so invest in a cat tree and lots of toys. Preferably ones that dangle.

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    I found that spraying with water worked for keeping our cat off counters and tables. It doesn’t harm the cat and they get the message to stay off. Never hit an animal.

    Good luck to you!

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    cats are like children they have to be tought not to do things. for example if the cat is on the counter take him off give him a flick on the nose and say BAD cat, and let them know that they did bad,make sure you do it with a stern voice. Do you have cat toys for them to play with and keep buisy.


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