How catnip gets cats high

amaisa300K asked:

They seem to be enjoying themselves, don’t they?

Funny Cats and Scary Dogs

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25 thoughts on “How catnip gets cats high

  1. CatsOnAcid

    Cat attacks mirrow

    I’ve just realised my username is ironic considering we’re debating this under a clip of cats getting baked.

    For what it’s worth, I don’t think they would. They can’t text, type or play the piano so far, so their chances of inventing anything other than ways to look cute, demand food or give us LOLz is somewhere between ‘slim’ and ‘none’.

    Besides, I don’t fancy having to answer to cat overlords. So rather than argue about whether they would or wouldn’t, be glad they DON’T.

  2. resen420

    Evil Cat attack

    how the hell do you know if cats wouldnt tell us? if they could talk the world most likely would not be the way it is today there would be cat cars and planes they would invent things etc etc.

  3. CatsOnAcid

    Cat Toilet Training

    Agreed. Begs the question: how does anyone know what the cats are thinking, never mind surmise they’re hallucinating about mice? Oh that’s right, nobody knows, because even if the cats could tell us, they wouldn’t.

  4. marthavandross

    Cat and Rat

    Too right – he’s even assuming cats are interested in the things humans assume cats are interested in. “Chasing imaginary mice” is anthropomorphic bullshit.

    Still, cats getting fucked up and drooling is cool though

  5. turreu

    Cat and Mouse movie

    That plant is nothing like the catnip you get from the stores. It’s called Nepeta cataria and even has affects on humans, such as soothing effects and can be compared even to marijuana.


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