Homemade Sardine Soup for Old Cats

How to Make Homemade Cat Fish Soup

Homemade cat soup fish for cats, is great if your cat is too old or sick to eat big chunks of meat or fish.
Homemade cat soup, makes your cat eat healthy cat food such as fish, sardines, even potatos, carrots, fish sauce and watercress or peas without them being fussy or picky about what they want to eat!
Another good thing about sardine soup for cats, is that if your cat lives with you in a very cold country, it’s always good to have some warm, nice homemade soup in your cats belly…

Here is what you need to make homemade cat soup:

  • two canned sardines
  • half a fish
  • a cup of water or two cups of water. (depending on the size of your cups)
  • one small square (1/8 ) of butter
  • Few stalks of watercress or peas
  • Fish sauce (if it comes with the sardines or extra)
  • half a mashed potato
  • one small carrot

First, cook up the potato and the carrot in a separate pot until the potato is nice and soft so that it is easily mash able.

Next, smear the butter on the heavy-based frying pan and put the sardines  into it.

Cook  on a medium heat.

After a few more minutes, pour in the water and stir it well.

Cut up the watercress and toss it into the pan.

When the sardines are ready, you can remove them from the fire and start cooking up the fish instead.

In the meantime,  mash the carrot and the potato together with a fork or a blender.

Fork is perhaps better, since your cat can then taste the  of potato, however, for fussy eaters, blending the potato and the carrot is the best thing.

Lastly, when the fish is done, (should be more on the raw side) remove  the pan from the heat and let cool it off.

Two options to finishing the homemade cat soup for old cats:

  1. Put all the ingredients into a deep soup dish and blend them up to a soup (for very old cats or fussy eaters.).
  2. Cut up the fish into little chunks and add it to the sauce, the sardines and the mash. (For not so old cats, or cats that love to eat anything that tastes good to them!)

Add the fish sauce as the final ingredient.

Hope your cat will enjoy this delicious homemade cat food soup for old cats!

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