Susan Boyle – Memory from Cats – Britains Cats Got Talent 2009 Semi Final Show

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Susan Boyle – Memory from Cats – Made Amanda Cry – Piers said brilliant! visit my blog for all the latest news and video stories about Britains Got Talent and watch the show again in full HD. and why not visit for all the latest Jamie Pugh and Britains got talent news stories. Amazing Susan through to Saturdays Live Final show. Would have been good to see her on the Xfactor or Idol. Piers said she inspired the world in a time of …

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25 thoughts on “Susan Boyle – Memory from Cats – Britains Cats Got Talent 2009 Semi Final Show”

  1. Piano Cat

    charming – when you find some soap and water wash your filthy mouth out and mate – you are so blocked so dont bother to send any more insults to my profile.

  2. Funny Cat

    Notice she went awol for the 4th time last night lol. Wait till she gets into the studio to make a CD(if she even turns up) – a CD with probably 3 songs on it she has sung for years, she will have to add baa baa blacksheep, humpty dumpty and row, row, row your boat. Waste of space – waste of money!

  3. How to train Cat to use a Toilet

    fuck you! your comment is a waste of space. you’ve just made that up! who told you that?, and don’t say the news, coz it didn’t. Leave her alone, it’s not like she needs a stupid shit-faced ***** like you to bring her back down to earth, she’s already salt of the earth.

  4. Cat Compilations

    Susanboylexxxxxxxx”, why do you have such a bad screen name? Please try to be a nice person, like Susan. We know you do not like her, so why do you not just go away and patronise the videos of those people you do like.

  5. Cat Suicide

    Where Susan would be if she would be discovered early! BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL voice ! FANTASTIC ! Elaine Page does not have a real beautiful voice like Susan’s, just technique,but Susan’s voice is profound,strong,natural,singing easily. Elaine’s voice is artificial pretentious, but not POWERFUL like Susan’s.

  6. Evil Cat attack

    i like to think the point of these shows is to find unfound talent and i believe that they are delivering….susan boyle would never of been noticed nor queen emily on americas got talent…hope she wins! All these stupid untalented people like britney, jessica simpson etc etc are dumb **** artists who have no talent just blond hair and can take direction from a coreographer!

  7. Cat Compilation

    am i the only one in the whole world that cant stand this man/woman! Shes a wanker, has taken the limelight away from the real winners diversity. What a drama queen, cant stand her! look at the state of her – omg I want to scream I hate her so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Scary Ninja Cat

    trulylovelylady,you truly are your namesake arent you,I agree with everything you have said and more,this song is terrible and i think me and you are the only people who think so ,but this was awful,no doubt we will both get slaughtered,but hey do we give a xxxx

  9. Cat Trampoline

    Notice she went awol again when she should have been appearing once again on the BGT tour. Apparently she was shouting for her cat all the time and acting strange……….hmmmmm, whats all this about her being a superstar. Superstars dont often do the things she is starting to do, its ridiculous all the fuss made of this woman and she lets people down who have paid money to see her. What a waste of space.

  10. Cat Circus

    22039…..(Must be susan’s weight)
    Fuck off cunt,there is NO bigger twat than this ******* wanna be singer….That monster got more fat in his/her pinky that i’ll ever have in my whole body dumb ***…Mc Donalds restaurants were notified and will be closed when she visits the US by the way…LOL

  11. Cat Bloopers

    8XcrapmonkeyX8 , Susan is temperamental at times, she has been under a lot of pressure, She is a normal human being, but I do not think she is a nasty peson as you claim. I think she is a lovely person and a great singer, fantastic!


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