Harry Chapin – Cat’s in the Cradle

jayroamino asked:

This song needs no description. … Harry Chapin Cat’s in the Cradle

The Cat in the Hat -Amy Hill

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25 thoughts on “Harry Chapin – Cat’s in the Cradle

  1. hellboy1446

    Cute Cat Bloopers

    i hate listening to this song but its so good. always make me think of how its gunna turn out for me. my dad divorced my mom when i was 2 and i barley talk to him. i dont want that to happen to me. my dad is about to die im 16. ive been without a dad for 14 years and its hit me hard.

  2. bellbuddy

    Very Funny Cat Pictures

    It’s up to you to remember what it feels like and vow that you will break the pattern. You can do it, dude! Don’t let yourself make anyone else feel the way your parents made you feel. Hurtful words are nasty and no one deserves to be treated that way.

  3. dudeleader

    Cat toilet Trained

    This song makes me think of me and my dad.I have an older brother whos alomost 19 nad they never had a real relationship.nither do i but at least i no him.But the thing that makes me sick is hes had 3 affairs 2 of them with same person.also my mom trys 2 make him seem like the worst man in the world.he also works like 24/7.i just hope i dont turn out like he did.but his father also wasnt the greatest.

  4. rbNNNN

    Cat accident

    this song is so sad.. almost makes me cry.. remindes me of my dad never calls me ever.. my mom has to call him and say call back. Ive hardly ever fished… went camping cause there was never a guy around. now that im older he crys when I cant go see him


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