Funny cats (Home videos)

chibudgielvr asked:

Funny cat video montage. I filmed everything over several years. Shows 10 different cats in dozens of funny and cute clips! Enjoy! Audio from Kinder Atom. Song – Japan Cakes.

Devil Cat Dance and Cat Song

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Mama Mia is a busy catwoman. Aside from kids, cats, and running from mice and cockroaches, her worst vice is she enjoys a long swim every morning, practices Falun Gong and EFT and donates unsolicited advice where inappropriate. And to make matters even better, MamaMia eats lots of fruits & veggies and force-feeds poor CatCamille.

25 thoughts on “Funny cats (Home videos)

  1. booshloverfor4ever

    Cat Compilations

    i love it!!!!!

    ” and on the day in which christ was born there was an ox an *** and a giant cat??? Ahhh run for your life!”

    Sorry i couldnt resist, great video!!! 5/5 favourited! :-D

  2. Warriorscats1

    Scary Cat

    2:54 black cat: hmmmm… looks interesting, shiny cage with blue, white and yellow, smells weird… gold cat: dude, thats twoleg food. black : ~pulls head out of bag~ BLAGK!! yuck! twoleg food!!

  3. KittyCatCandy3000

    Cat attacks Baby

    You have very beautiful animals :) I’ve never heard of feeding a cat Ice cream before though, I wish I could get a pet cat, but my dad’s allergic, oh well, Anyway if you hadn’t noticed, I love cat’s XD anyway Chow ~Kitty

  4. Goldensunlvr


    One of those cats looked exactly like a cat I used to have that ran away. The almost all black one with white tipped hind feet, white on the tip of his tail, and a spot of white on his neck too. He’s at 2:48.


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