First Pet Airline Lands Safely With 35 Dogs and Cats

Pets No Longer Have To Sweat in the Cargo Room!

The First Cat and Dog Airplane Lands in Colorado on Wednesday

The first pet airplane landed safely on Wednesday at the Rocky Mountain Airport with 35 cats and dogs together, all miauing and barking from their cages.

The pet airline was founded and created by Dan Wiesel after he had to place his Jack Russell terrier on a flight in the cargo room and just worried the hall time about him.
Therefore Dan Wiesel started working on his only for pets airline five years ago to ensure a safe and secure journey for ‘flying’ pets.

The cat and dog cages are secured to the inner wall of the airplane to make sure that they don’t fly around once in the air.

Dan Wiesel, is the pet attendant for the planes first two weeks of flights,  to make sure that all the cats and dogs are healthy and happy in the air.

“They talk a lot when we’re on the ground, but as soon as we get skyward, they’re quiet. Half of them fall right asleep, and half of them just sit there calmly looking at things.” Dan said.

“On our planes, the pets sit in the cabin and we make sure they have plenty of oxygen that it’s nice and cold and easy for them to breathe. In addition to this, the pet attendant sits right there and checks on all the animals every 15 minutes.” Dan Wiesel said.

The pet only plane, flies one westbound flight each week and one eastbound flight. The Pet ony Airline currently stops at Republic Airport in Farmingdale, N.Y. ; Baltimore/Washington International Airport; Chicago’s Midway Airport; Rocky Mountain Metro; and Hawthorne Municipal Airport, about one mile from Los Angeles International Airport.

More frequent flights and more destinations are said to be added in the next two comming years.

Depending on how much space the animal takes up in the cabin and on how far it’s flying, flight costs are $149 to $299 one way.


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