Elaine Paige – Memory (Cats)

chrissi2810 asked:

Memory – gesungen von Elaine Paige (Original Grizabella). Aus dem Cats-Video © Really Useful Group

Cat jump

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25 thoughts on “Elaine Paige – Memory (Cats)

  1. dikurdikur

    Funny Talking Cat

    es lo mejor k existe esto si es calidad no lo pudo creer esta super genial es magnifico el video en todos los aspectos.
    is amazin i loved thius song & musical is so wonderful!!!
    i love Elaine!!!
    saludos desd guadalajara jal. mex

  2. thinandtinyplease

    Cat Attacks

    the cats name is Jemima, its played by Veerle Casteleyn, but she was dubbed over because of her heavy accent, although her real voice is just as stunning
    she’s my favorite cat! :]

  3. dubhcnum

    The cat in the hat movie

    Um…they never really say why they treat her that way. I figured that being the glamour cat caused jealousy amongst the queens, or that she was once a jellicle and abandoned them for the glamorous life…but you’re never told why they treat her that way

  4. Yumeilli

    The Cat in the Hat Cartoon

    I think that when Grizabella was at the “top”, she probably got a bad reputation and was hanging out with the wrong cats. Now that she’s old she is all alone and abandoned. Maybe the other cats treat her just the way she treated them when she was young and popular. ;)

  5. ricetwinkie

    Evil Cat

    Really? I don’t see how the song makes any sense, given how the story plays out. Was Bombalurina supposed to sing it in defense of and in acceptance of Grizabella?

  6. chrissi2810

    Cat Playing Piano

    Yes, she was the first who had to sing the song. Originally it should be sung by Bombalurina but Elaine only wanted to play Grizabella when she sings it and so it became her song.


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