Do people think cats are evolving to become more dependent?

claire1332 asked:

This is a question I’ve been wondering about recently. I’ve noticed that a lot more people are getting more than one cat, and a lot of them say it’s because their cat was lonely and needed a buddy (obviously that shouldn’t be the only reason to get another cat). Personally, I have two cats and neither of them act very independent at all. I’m not sure what i think on this matter, but I was wondering what other people think. Do you think cats are evolving to become less independent?

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3 thoughts on “Do people think cats are evolving to become more dependent?

  1. John

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    They are social animals – not as social as dogs, but I once saw as many as 10 stray cats walking around together like a pack. And of course, they’re descendants of wild species and have been tamed over generations to accommodate man better. (You wouldn’t want something with the temperament of a lynx in your home!)
    Some cat races also have characteristics. Siamese are more independent and haughty (they were once revered as Gods – as if cats didn’t have enough of an ego!). Maine Coons are really friendly and affectionate. Spanish tabbies are quiet, etc… They’ve been bred that way.
    I don’t think there’s any recent development, though. Evolution doesn’t work that fast.


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