Crazy Russian Woman Stuffs 130 Cats into One Tiny Apartment

130 Stray Cats in One Appartment!!!

This woman is keeping 130 Stray Cats in ONE LITTLE appartment! They are soooo crouded, they nearly sitt one ontop of the other! At first I couldn’t believe it, but really, this cat video is a MUST WATCH!!! No matter how much I explain, you still have to see it to understand me…

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What do you think about it? Is it OK to have SO MANY CATS  in one appartment? They are very crowded… Is it fair for the cats to live like that, all stuck one over the other? Where do they poop? Can she have 130 litter boxes? It (her house) must stink terribly!

I can’t imagine how any one could feed so many cats! 130 cats,  can you believe it!

Any how,  it’s still kind of the woman to save them all? Or should they be let starve to death on the freezing street?Can she really give all of her cats a good and healthy diet of cat food?

From the last part of the cat video, it looks as though this russian woman where feeding her cats on bird food (the grains!)!

Do you think that you could possibly ever have time for SO MANY CATS???

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Thanks for watching and hopefully commenting on this crazy cat video of 130 cats in an apartment!

2 thoughts on “Crazy Russian Woman Stuffs 130 Cats into One Tiny Apartment

  1. CatCamille Post author

    I think it’s apsolutly CRAZY! although she IS saving them… well, what do you guys and girls think?

  2. Leslie

    Although hoarding is considered to be a form of OCD, the word “crazy” is a hot-button word. The media’s use of the word feeds off the public’s fear of the mentally ill. It reinforces the stereotypes that tend to socially isolate the mentally ill, prevent them from seeking help and put them in danger out and about in the community.

    If you want to prevent well-meaning rescuers from progressing to becoming hoarders, I suggest you be a little less flippant and a little more caring.

    Personally I think that more than one or two cats per person results in emotional neglect.


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