Chicken Soup Homemade Cat Food Recipe for Cats

Chicken Soup is Not Only For Humans, But Also your Dear Cat Can Now Enjoy Homemade Cat Chicken Soup!

Homemade Chicken Soup for Cats Recipe  now revealed!

How to make homemade Cat Chicken soup? Is it possible that now our hairy friends can also enjoy the healthy virtues of Chicken soup?
The answer is Yes! Although I personally think that if I’d have to make bloody Cat Chicken Soup for my Dear Cats, I’d puke.

However, some of you strong hearted woman will I think manage it even with the blood…
If you can’t manage to cook this Cat Chicken Soup, then ask your husband to do it for you.

In the case that your husband is diseased or not present, bring your kids over to cook this Homemade Chicken Soup for your Cat.  Have Strength my Ladies! I hope you will withstand this Battle of the Chicken soup for cats and come out shining and proud.

What You Need to Make this Home Made Cat Soup are:

  1. One hall Chicken Liver
  2. One Giblet
  3. One Chicken Heart
  4. One Chicken Neck
  5. Two cups of Water
  6. A Pot for cooking it all in
  7. One Table Spoon Finely Chopped Parsley
  8. Half a Lemon
  9. One tea spoon of salt

First, put the Giblet and anything else that fits into a pot with plenty of water and let cook until the giblet is nice and tender.

Next, take the giblet out and put the other disgusting ingredients in.
Cook for a few minutes so that they are just gently cooked. Not cooked enough for you to want to eat it.

You may be able to cook all the ingredients simultaneously if you put them in separate pots.

Cut the meats up, once out of the pot, into a few different sized little chunks of meat.
You can keep some peaces for another day if you like.

Lastly, combine the chicken liver, the giblet, the chicken heart, the chicken neck, 2 cups water , one tea spoon of salt and 1 tablespoon finely chopped parsley and the half a lemon all of them together in a dish and mix them up together. Then add more water till it’s all nice and gluppy.

You can blend some of the ingredients up and then let the others float around inside them if you like.

If your Chicken ingredients are floating in the sauce your cat will not only have the chicken parts to eat, but also the sauce to slurp!

Cute Cat Dish

Cute Cat Dish

Two different ways of making this Homemade Cat Soup for Cats:

  1. Cut all the meats into chunks and put them all together on one dish for your cat to eat.You can also try giving your cat some raw peaces mixed with some cooked peaces of Chicken to see which your cat likes better to eat.
  2. Blend up all the meats with any bloody sauce remaining together in a bowl and give it to your cat to eat all blended up and nice! This is especially good for Kittens, since their teeth aren’t so good as bigger cats teeth and they can’t bite big chunks of meat to easily…

    Have a lovely homemade chicken soup for cats!
    Greetings, CatsCamille

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