Cats Learning to Swim

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This Oregon woman teaches her cats to swim and says they look like beautiful dancers

Funny Cat Compilation

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Mama Mia is a busy industrious Israeli born woman, who loves her CatCamille and cats. In her "spare" time she builds authority content-rich websites, plays with photoshop, photography, video, and whips up SEO, SEM, SBM and Online Video or Mobile Marketing Campaigns. She's always learning something new.Aside from kids, cats, webs and campaigns her worst vice is she enjoys a long swim every morning, practices Falun Gong and EFT and donates unsolicitated advice where inappropriate. And to make matters even better, MamaMia eats lots of fruits & veggies and force-feeds poor CatCamille.

25 thoughts on “Cats Learning to Swim

  1. jamescat1

    Very Funny Cat Pictures

    more like ‘cats like to get the hell out of the water’. well done crazy lady: you drag a cat into the pool and it swims out. If you dragged me into a **** rally and i run away- wouldnt mean I enjoy running. welcome to the world of stupid people who abuse animals for thier selfish pleasures. Untill these cats get in the pool thmselves you are fooling yourself and being cruel. please stop it.

  2. no1cheesychode

    Cute Cat Bloopers

    of course cats can swim you mindless freaks. They just don’t go out of their way to do it. Notice the women carried the cat into the pool and then the cat swam to get out straight away.

  3. micahgee

    Cat on Toilet

    Bonobos (Pygmy Chimpanzee) have been reported to swim, bathe, splash etc.

    Then again they also have been documented ****** and ********** *********** among this ***** species…


    That woman tortured her cats lol

  4. gormogon4927

    Cat Playing Piano

    xx Cats can swim!!! My cat Shadow does! When she was a kitten she used to go in the bath and just swim around for anywhere from 5 minutes to 30 minutes! Shes to big now (the bath is to shallow for her!) But she still loves water and goes under the water when the plants are being watered! But don’t just put ur cat in water after seeing this video bcoz most of them do hate it! xx

  5. mosesmalon2

    Cat Flushes human toilet

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  6. wormogun

    Watch Funny Cat Videos

    Sientific research proves felians can swim because of the hot atmosphere, they need to use somthing to cool them selvs off! thats swiming, not only for keeping them cool but also hunting prey


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