Cat Mice Toy – Comparing 3 Mouse Toys for Cats

Check Out These 3 Exciting Cat Mouse Toys

Why Get Cat Mice Toys for Cats?

Cats love mice toys, since it simulates hunting a real live mouse.
Cats were wild hunters in nature, they climbed, pounced and caught other little animals.
Today, even the typical indoor house cat still carries in her blood the desire to hunt. This is good, since she therefore can protect your home from mice and other rodents.

Every cat enjoys a good game of hunting and is very happy if you play with him/her with a cat toy, especially if it is a cat mouse toy.
All cats love and enjoy the fun of catching mice toys, biting the toy mice and “killing” the mouse.

Therefore, every loving cat owner should have some sort of nice cat mouse toy to entertain their little darlings and play with them.
Playing with cat mice toys, not only makes your cat happy, but also tunes their muscles, exercises them and prevents your cats from getting fat!

The 3 Most Popular Cat Mice Toys

1. Play-N-Squeak Cat Mouse

Squeaky Mice Toys for Cats - Mouse Toy for your cat!

Cats Love Squeeky Mice Toys!

This pretty grey mouse, called Play-N-Squeak will most probably look and sound to your cat like a real mouse.

If you just flick this cat mouse across the floor,  your cat will be after it before you can count till 3…

The mouse’s little pink tail is enough to drive any cat crazy!

In addition,  the slightest movement of the cat mouse toy produces  a realistic squeaky sound – great for cats who love to pounce and chase things around the floor.

Most cats love biting mice. Our cats certainly do, and they bite everything. We had a squeaky cat mouse, similar to this one, and oh boy, did our cats love it! They played and played….

No batteries needed.

Hey! I'm here you big, fat cat, come and get me!

Hey! I'm here you big, fat cat, come and get me!

2.Panic Mouse – Undercover Mouse Cat Toy

This fun mouse toy for cats is actually a Hidden Mouse that moves silently, randomly speeding and reversing direction under its durable nylon cover.

The hidden mouse skitters furtively just out of your cat’s view. The movements are so real looking, your cat will believe there’s a live mouse in the house!

Did it ever happen to you, when having your feet were under a blanket, that your cat pounced on your poor foot and gave your toes a good bite..?
So imagine how much fun your cats will have with this hidden toy cat mouse!
And without your wrath…

Can you see how your feline friend is chasing around and around after the hidden mouse?

This undercover mouse for cats, is also a good entertainment for your cat if you have to work a lot and are not at home.
Your cats can play with this mouse toy for hours, without you having to be around!

What Comes With The Undercover Mouse for Cats?

  • One Undercover Mouse electronic cat toy
  • One ripstop nylon skirt
  • One mouse wand
  • Requires 3 AA batteries (not included)

    You can easily adjust the speed of this Undercover Mouse.

    3. Feathered Cat Mouse Toy on a Wand

    Play with your cat with this cat feather wand!

    Play with this cat feather wand toy!

    This mouse toy is hanging on a string, so you can be sure cats don’t scratch you by mistake during playtime.
    In addition, it makes it easy to get your cats to follow you somewhere, or get them out of a room (when they don’t want to come), or have them sportingly run all around the house or even outdoors.

    It’s a nice little cheap mouse toy for your cat to play with.

    Because this toy mouse has feathers,  if you swing it in the air a little over the cat’s head it will look like a beautiful bird.
    Your cat will go crazy for it,  go hopping in the air after it and do some amazing acrobatics…

    This cat mouse toy can be pulled across the floor, hidden behind table feet and even flung up into the air, to excite your cat .

    The only downside I can think about, is that maybe the string is too short and you won’t get enough distance from your cat to pull it properly away.

    However, if you hold the cat wand by the furthermost end of it then you should be just fine.

    Ah, yes, another good thing I can think about the cat feather wand is that cats often get carried away in playing and might scratch you by mistake (I can tell you, I certainly got my war-marks from our cats!), so the wand protects your hand more, by keeping it distant.

    To get any of these Popular Cat Toys simply click on the images.

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