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Is Your Cat Shedding All Over the Floor? Stop the Shedding!

Are you fed up with cat hairs every where? Is your cat shedding EVERYWHERE? Are the carpets, tables, floors and even your bed covered in cat hairs? In this case you and your cat need serious help. And quick!

Here are some tips how to get rid of cat hairs at home.

Which Three Cat Grooming Supplies Can Help My Cat to Stop Shedding?

The three most affective cat grooming supplies are:

  1. FURminator – the Vet approved cat hair brush
  2. Deshedding Cat Shampoo & Conditioner
  3. Natural Cat Food

Why a Cat Hair Brush?
When you brush your cat’s hair or coat, the cat hair brush removes any loose hairs that would otherwise come off instead on your furniture, floor and you!

Cats will naturally groom themselves by licking their fur and swallowing big chunks of hair.
However, this sometimes causes cat hair balls that could eventually make your cat choke on them!

The only really affective way, some people say, is to brush your cat’s hair daily. This is mostly true, although not always. There are some other methods too, but this one is the most popular one and the easiest.

What is FURminator the  Cat Hair Brush?
Furminator is a vet approved and vet recommended cat hair brush that removes any dead cat hairs that linger in your cat’s furr, as well as the dead undercoat and any loose cat hairs that otherwise come off onto your furniture.
While doing so, it doesn’t harm or injure any part of the healthy coat your cat has.

Furminator simply pulls out the fluffy undercoat of loose cat fur without hurting your cat and leaving your cats coat shiny and shed-free.

Furminator  Reduces Cat Hair Shedding by up to 90%!

Furminator cat grooming brush reduces the mess and clean up of unwanted cat hair. Furminator is designed for use on both long-haired and short-haired cats.

Go here to find out more about furminator cat grooming brush.

How Does the Cat Deshedding Shampoo Help?

Shampooing your cat with Cat Deshedding Shampoos, makes your cat’s coat healthier , strenghends your cats hairs roots and washes away any loose cat hairs.

Also, the healthier your cats’ coat is the less your cat will shed hairs.

What Does Natural Cat Food have to do with my Cat’s Shedding Hairs?

A lot of what our cats eat also has affect on how their fur and coat reacts.
Some commercial cat food brands, don’t have enough vitamins and minerals that our cats need for them to have a healthy and shiny fur coat.
Therefore, i recommend you to try for a week or two a different natural cat food brand.

I personly highly recommend California Natural Cat Food, which contains natural ingreadients, many important minerals, vitamins as well as the important omega 3 and omega6 for cats.

About omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids:

Did you know that Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids  help soften your cat’s skin and reduce excess shedding? It’s a proven fact!

To read more about [how to stop your cat shedding->is-your-cat-a-walking-hair-ball-learn-how-to-stop-shedding] go here.

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