Can You Adopt Peach the Cat?

Peach Melba Is for Adoption! Adopt a Shelter Cat Today.

Help Adopt a Shelter Cat. Peach Melba is really beautiful North California Female Cat, that likes other cats and children and will surely love you too!

I'm a sweet peach. Adopt me?

I'm a sweet little peach. Adopt me?

“I’m a sweet, delicious Southern girl, just looking for my one true love! I won’t play hard to get if you offer me a home of my own, so don’t worry about rejection! I’ll be the one to put a smile on your face and a giggle in your heart every day for as long as we’re together. You rub, I’ll roll. You pet, I’ll purr. You come, we’ll go – together.”
Peach Melba

Contact The Shelter:

SAFE Haven For Cats Shelter
Phone: 919-872-SAFE (7233)

North California (Raleigh, NC 27616)
8471-101 Garvey Drive

Why adopt a Rescue Cat?

Why Adopt A Rescue Cat?

Why Adopt A Rescue Cat?

Rescue Cats and Shelter cats, need homes even more then cats that grow up with their parent cats in good homes.

Rescue cats, mostly don’t get enough love, since often a shelter has hundreds of cats. They couldn’t have time to cuddle them all and pet them! Therefore, everyone should consider (at least once in their lives) saving a rescue cat and giving him/her a good, and loving home!

Help The Shelter Cats Get Good Homes!

  • Adopt a Shelter Cat.
  • Donate now to sponsor your favorite cat.
  • Help a shelter by giving a litter box or a pack of cat food you have left over.
  • Spend a day in a Shelter, help out, lend a hand here and there, give some love to the rescue cats.
  • Bring Some Cat Treats for the shelter cats, that they don’t usually get.
  • Get a pack of vitamins for the cats and give it to them.

If you aren’t able to go personly to give the cat treats or cat food, you can always send it per post or simply donate the money to the charity.

Donate to this Cat Shelter: Or adopt a Cat From Safe Haven for Cats. (California)

Didn’t find the Cat you’re looking to adopt? Adopt a Cat From here>>

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