Can cat owners train their cats to stay at home?

Shadee asked:

Some people don’t want cats in their yard, so they rent cat traps or may try other less humane methods.

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3 thoughts on “Can cat owners train their cats to stay at home?

  1. KITTY

    Cat Trampoline

    i dont know why that lady down there that u need too keep ur cat inside and it will live a longer life thats not true i had a cat that lived 4 17 years and lived outside u cant train to come back they just follow ur houses sent and it depends if ur cat is an indoor cat or an outdoor if he or she always wants 2 run outside let him he’ll come back and if u dont trust him stand out there and watch him and if he dosent want 2 come outside dont make him but ket him in 2 eat and drink frequintly dont make him or her stay outside all day GOOD LUCK :)


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