Abandoned Kittens find Loving Homes

21 Kittens in a Box

Some of the Rescued Kittens

Two of the Rescued Kittens

On Thursday morning, a resident in Syracuse’s Tipperary Hill area discovered a box containing more than 21 kittens while she was taking a walk.

The woman brought the box of surprises to Fairmount Animal Hospital, where they received the care that they need.

The kittens were surprisingly in good shape with just a few fleas. They are believed to be about two to three weeks old and probably born to three separate mothers.

On Friday, only a day later, each of the kittens has a clean bill of health and most have already been adopted.

The Fairmount Animal Hospital says they are surprised at the incredible amount of volunteers, foster families and applications for adoption. So far, 15 families have signed up to take home one or two of the kittens.

They’ve even found enough cats to wean the 21 kittens, so they won’t need to be bottle fed.

“I was very surprised,” said Kristen Klein of the Fairmount Animal Hospital. “Within probably like 30 minutes of my first interview, phones were ringing off the hook all day. Everyone’s been willing to help out in any which way that they can.”

At this point, all of the kittens have at least a foster family to go home to, and volunteers to care for them at the animal hospital.

If you’d like to help or adopt a cat from the Fairmount Animal Hospital contact them here:

3705 W. Genesee St.
Syracuse, NY 13219
Phone: 315-468-3446
[email protected]

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