3 Mean Vandal Woman Break into Cat Shelter and Destroy it!

A recent break-in at the Susanville animal shelter has caused a big outcry!

3 Vandals broke into a pet animal shelter early Wednesday morning, dirtying the walls with graffiti, damaging equipment and kidnapping six cats.

The Shelter workers have since been worried about the felines’ fate. “We can clean up the mess,” said Animal Cotnrol Supervisor Judge Walesch, “but we worry about the cats, if they are being cared for. I can’t imagine someone who vandalizes an animal shelter actually loving the cats or caring for them. I hope that they are alright and not being ill used.”

So far, one adult cat was recovered during the investigation and Thursday night the two young kittens were recovered at the home of one of the pre-teen girls arrrested in the case.

They are reportedly in good health and being bottle raised at a foster home. Their mother and two other adult cats are still missing.

Sadly, two cats were injured in the rampage. One suffered eye burns from something the vandals threw around the office. The other, an elderly cat, who had been the shelter’s mascot and internet ambassador was badly traumatized by the incident and had to be euthanized.

The damage down to the shelter is estimated to be many thousands of dollars.

The two pre-teen girls responsible for the damage are being held in juvenile hall on burglary and animal cruelty charges.

Along with the girls, a 35 year old woman has also been arrested as she helped them rob the place and destroy it.

————— My Comments:

How terrible that is!  The poor cats and dogs, the poor shelter!

How could ANYONE do such a MEAN thing to such poor little creatures! Destroying a shelter where poor beaten and starving cats and dogs find a refuge, kidnapping six cats and doing I don’t know what to them.

What is this world coming to?

That there can be such mean people on this planet is simply shocking! They are either demented or simply cold hearted and cruel!

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18 thoughts on “3 Mean Vandal Woman Break into Cat Shelter and Destroy it!

  1. tammie scott

    i am so sorry for your all damage and for the poor animals i hope they get what they deserve and not a slap on the hand.

  2. Peter Askin

    This is one of the more vicious acts of vandalism I have heard of for a while. All the cats will be terribly traumatized, and especially the one’s stolen. I have particular contempt for the 35 year old woman. She lead this murderous rampage, and the young girls will now require much therapy to ever have their sense of decency restored (or established). I hope there is a severe punishment waiting for the adult leader.

    Rest in peace shelter mascot. :(

  3. Sharkey

    murderers…there is no therapy to fix these loser brats. the “adult” is even worse, but they are all evil and hateful beasts.

  4. Kaukab

    Its really terrible thing happened to such a loving creature. Animals cant talk to us but we are the one who have to take care of their every need. Its good to know that they are in safe hands now. There is no space for such a cruel people in this world….

  5. Colleen

    This makes me sad, angry and … no words can explain…

    I don’t care if they are Juveniles – they should be FORCED to pay for the damages. Have them WORK off payment some how. The shelter should not have to pay for the damages these punks did. As for the 35 year old woman – She should have to sell off some of her assets to pay for the damage. Her tv, stereo or anything of value to her so she can pay off the damage. The three of them need severe counseling for one – why the he!! would anyone chose to destroy an animal shelter?
    To the kitty (the mascot) that was so traumatized he had to be euthanized. My thoughts go to him… at least he won’t be traumatized any more.

  6. Hilda Constantineau

    Theese so called people know what happened to the missing cats…….maybe a little torture would get it out of them. Then again maybe not, if you did a x-rays on them there would be nothing inside, no brain, no heart, no soul. What pieces of trash kids included, I don’t care what age they are. I knew right from wrong when I was 4. No excuses.

    1. CatsCamille

      @Hilda Constantineau: You’re right. There is no excuse. I would have NEVER hurt ANY animal when i was young (and still now NOT EVER!).
      Kids know exactly what they are doing!
      They are probably mentally ill and disturbed by what they see at home and all around them but should be treated by a special care. The woman should be put in jail for life!

      poor cats!

  7. Candis

    Just shoot all three of them. They are worthless to society. Even if you are troubled in some way you have no right to abuse innocent animals. They make me sick. Just do away with them for good.

  8. Sharkey

    I agree!!! Age makes no difference…all 3 “humans” should go rot in hell. They have no hearts and no souls…

  9. Sharkey

    I agree…age makes no difference. creatures like these 3 monsters can’t be fixed with therapy or rehab or anything else…they should have a punishment commensurate with their horrific crime…

  10. jmuhj

    Thank God the two kittens are safe. Very sad about the shelter mascot — senseless tragedy. May that sweet cat rest in peace. As for these criminals, give them the maximum sentence, maximum fines, and some sorely-needed education. Prosecution and punishment of these crimes are a travesty, but it’s what we have to work with, and maybe in prison, they’ll get true justice from those who can and do mete it out to those who harm the innocent. If not, be sure they will get it where they are going, eventually.

    1. CatsCamille

      @jmuhj: True, or let’s hope so at least!! Bad people get punished in life and in the end by the heavens.
      I once met a really bad man who hurt people and creatures and i recently heard that he died in a plane crash!
      Don’t worry…they will come to a sticky end for sure!!!

  11. Trinity Gilfillan

    This is outrageous behavior on part of all 3 women involved…especially the adult!
    What kind of example does she expect to set for her children? They all, every single one of them needs to prosecuted to the fullest estent of the law for breaking and entering, vandalism, murder, attempted murder, kidnapping, and anything else the authorities can add to this list.
    The evil that people harbor in their hearts against animals and those who actually try to care for them is appaulling and it needs to stop and be dealt with so severely that it sends out the message…if you do this…this is what will happen to you!
    No appeals no slaps on the wrists…a punishement that equals the crime commited against those that can not protect or speak out for themselves!
    I’d make these 3 miscreants tell where the other cats are, make them clean up the mess the made rather than give the people who work there extra work. Then drag their sorry butts off to jail.
    There’s was and is no sense in behavior such as this and it needs to stop NOW!

  12. Sarabi

    There’s a special place in hell for “people” like this. My 11-year-old son would never dream of mistreating an animal. He loves our animals & treats them like gold. This is so horrible & sad. I am grateful for the cats that were safely recovered & may the others be safely recovered as well. Their mascot kitty will be a special Angel smiling down on them.

  13. Moses The Cat

    I am Moses The Cat. Hi. I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. But I beleive no matter where you live, you have a right to speak out on animal injustice. I have nothing left to say. I have signed so many petitions, sent letters, marched , and fought for animal rights. A long with the kind one (the person who cleans my litter box, feeds, and loves me). That is why I have my own face book page. So all I can say, once again, this behavior is a simple reflection of somthing far more scary, their heart. It is a red light of what they are capble of doing if not punished with the full extent of the law. Because what really scares me is unpunished , what, who or where will be their next target


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